Since 1993

What we do

Saving Sunshine is a solar and wind company that has been helping clients reach true energy independence.
We've been delivering alternative energy for homeowners and commercial businesses for over 13 years in the Carolinas.
Saving Sunshine specializes in:
  • Solar Power
  • Solar Water Heating
  • Solar Water Pumping
  • Small and Large Wind Turbines for your home or Business. 
We work with distributors and direct markets to give us the edge for competitive pricing.
 S.S. is a small company with little overhead making it possible to pass the savings on to you!
 We are now a partner in selling your Solar Renewable Energy Credits back to your power company.
North Carolina and South Carolina offer many incentives.
There are many tax incentives out there right now.  30% Federal Tax Credit.  Keep in mind this is a credit, not a deduction.   Sell your Solar Credits.  Net Meter.   Some North Carolina and South Carolina Power Companies also offer incentives.  The 30% federal tax credit is set to end in December 2021.

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